The style of therapy I practise, Relational Psychotherapy, is a model of counselling that emphasizes the importance of connection and emotional support in attaining emotional well-being.

The relationships we have early in life are our best attempts at connecting with and being nurtured by others. Sometimes, however, these early relationships did not provide us with all the support we need to feel good about ourselves, to form satisfying relationships with others, and feel confident in coping with adversity. Or, perhaps present day ruptures in work life, friendships, and relationships are making it hard to cope with life’s challenges.

A therapeutic environment enables you to identify important ‘self’ needs, and helps you to engage with difficult feelings that might otherwise isolate or overwhelm you. Therapy can help you attain clarity, focus, and purpose. The working relationship between therapist and client brings to light new life possibilities and renewed inner strength.

Some issues I work with include:

- Relationship issues
- Generalized anxiety
- Social anxiety
- Immigration experiences and transnationality
- Grief and bereavement
- Body image issues
- Early adulthood decisions and transitions (such as establishing healthy adult relationships and career paths)
- Mid-life transitions
- Queer issues
- Past and recent traumas
- Family of origin issues
- Adoption
- Chronic mental health issues
- Loss of a loved one to suicide
- Existential issues (such as ambivalence)


I work with straight and queer couples from all walks of life. As a couples therapist I enter the reality of your unique relationship, and how you understand it both together and individually. I hear both sides, but not necessarily with equal time to each partner. The goal of couple’s therapy is to better understand both the shared and conflicting ‘realities’ that you each inhabit.

Some things may be hard to say to each other, and are easier to say in a therapeutic setting. The three of us work together to respectfully uncover what the trouble is and what is preventing your connection, or how you can attain a deeper connection together. In talking, new understandings can emerge. 

Couple's therapy is a space where together you can become more aware of how you relate to each other, how you impact each other, and what the vulnerabilities in your relationship are. Together we learn about each of your life histories, triggers, and emotional patterns, and work to re-establish trust, healthy communication, and intimacy.
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